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THANKS:       Mike Acebo....Great new newsletter editor !

                            John Ziermann....Excellent ice reporting and the new club membership list !

 Our Slate of Officers:

Scott Valentine (Commodore),  Peter Truesdell (Vice Commodore), John Ziermann (Treasurer), Rosemary Barnitz (Secretary), Mike Acebo (Corresponding Secretary), Fred Greis (Rear Commodore)

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Looking for a Classic Long Island Iceboating Book pick up a copy of Warren Darress’s book. You can email Warren Darress Jr. and purchase a copy before they are all sold. It’s a classic.

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2014 Newsletters

Nominees are in, votes have been tallied, and our new LRIBYC officers have been approved for the          2018-2020 term of office.                                                                                                                                                               
Commodore:            Scott Valentine  DN4925                                                  Vice Commodore:     Peter Truesdell   DN5350/SternSteerer                  
    Rear Commodore:   Fred Greis  YankeeLR-77/JX14-LR12/DN5588
          Secretary:                    Rosemary Barnitz  Gambit/LS45                              
Treasurer:                 John Ziermann   DN5426/Gambit/LS45             

We all are looking forward to some great ice boating seasons with this team at the helm.
Come meet our new team at the annual club awards dinner
Sunday April 15, 2018.

2017 Newsletters

  At our March meting, Fred Greis gave us a debrief of a trip that he, George Neyssen, Rich Batista and Peter Zendt took to Newport VT to sail on Lake Memphamagog. This very large lake straddles the US/Canada border. A unique race course was set up in which the windward mark was in Canada and the leeward mark in the US. Sailing was great and no one got arrested by the Border Patrol.  I'm happy to say that our annual Awards Dinner is scheduled for April 15th from 3-6pm at the Oar in Patchogue. It will again be held in the Captain's Room with the same menu as last year (which we all enjoyed). Price will also remain at $35 since it is being subsidized by your 50/50 donations. The historic book "Wings on Ice" will be raffled off at the dinner. The winner will be able to enjoy the book for a one year period. This book will be raffled off annually at our Dinner as a fund raiser thanks to the generosity of Warren Darress. Please let John Ziermann know if you are planning to attend. Pay at the door with exact change or by check made out to LRIBYC. For those who are holding perpetual trophies, please bring them to the Dinner for display. Some trophies as well as a mystery plaque will be awarded. As this is my last report as an Officer of the club, I want to thank all the Officers and members who have supported me over the past 8 years as Commodore and 7 years as Vice Commodore. I'm sure the club will be in good hands with our newly elected Commodore (Scott Valentine) and Vice Commodore (Pete Truesdell). It has been a pleasure and an honor to serve the club over the past 15 years. 

Ralph DN5428