Message from the Commodore 

Commodore’s Corner

Hello everybody!! Commodore’s comments I hope everyone had great holidays!

We had a great turnout at our annual swap meet. It was fantastic seeing many of you there. I hope everyone can make the Jan. meeting.

We will have a runner sharpener available before the meeting, so you can sharpen your runners. There has been some sailing in Maine and the Midwest. The long term forecast is looking for some sailing in Connecticut and maybe New York state, probably in the Albany area. If and when we sail on LI, we will plan on having the “Bob Reeves Memorial Skimmer Regatta”. So, dust off and rust off your skimmers, almost everyone seems to have one hidden somewhere. It will be a very simple skimmer friendly course, so everyone can participate.

Along that line, we will run the “Rich Crucet Memorial Regatta” It will be open to all DN’s. So, dust off and rust off your DN. Most people seem to have one of those hidden somewhere in storage. It will be for all DN’s. Time for me to get my boat ready for some sailing.

I hope to see many of you at our meetings!! As always, if you need any parts, advice, repairs please feel free to reach out to me, or one of your fellow of cers. We have a lot of knowledge in our club.

Your Commodore Scott

Message From the Commodore Scott Valentine

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