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Message From the Commodore

Commodore’s Comments: January 2021

On January 7, we had our first zoom meeting. It went very well. It was also great to see everyone that could make it. The next zoom meeting will be on Tuesday, February 2, 2021. Hope all of you can make it.      The world is certainly different now.  Even the iceboating world is different. The DN worlds, North Americans, and even the European championships have been cancelled. The Canadian border is basically closed. So, sailing between the two countries is not allowed. Where can we sail?? We can sail in NY, and possibly a short trip to Bantam will not be a problem. We can sail on Swan Pond, (hopefully) Lake Ronkonkoma, and a couple of the other small ponds. Maybe we sail a pond we have not sailed before. Please, do not check the ice alone, bring someone with you.

Hopefully the polar vortex will arrive and bring us some good sailing.  With that in mind, I hope to try a couple of new events.

Bob Reeves Long Island Skimmer Regatta

This event is in tribute to the man that sold almost all the skimmers on LI. The event will be open to anyone who has a skimmer. It might even be held on Swan Pond. It will be a simple skimmer friendly course.

So, DUST OFF and RUST OFF your skimmers!!!  The club will provide some trophies. Social distancing and masks will be important.

Rich Crucet Regatta

It will be a DN regatta and will be open to anyone sailing a DN. Since Rich was friendly and knew everyone, I’m not sure where it will be held. It could be held off LI.

The club will provide trophies.

100 Year Anniversary coming up in 2023

In case you did not know, in 2023 the club will be having its 100th anniversary. We will have some sort of event. I will contact the Lake Ronkonkoma Historical Society and will coordinate something with them.

It was suggested and kind of neat, that if we could get 100 iceboats and display them. I know that you all have more than 1 one iceboat each. More than likely you have 3 or 4, or possibly more. They don’t have to be in sailing condition. I think we could get some media attention for this kind of event.

In case you have not noticed, the website is being updated. Make sure you check out the new pictures and information. Many thanks to Joe Natale for setting up and maintaining the site for many years, and thanks to Warren Darress for taking it over.

As always, If you need any help, or parts whatever for your iceboat, contact me, or put an ICE ALERT out and we will help you!!

Your Commodore,
Scott Valentine