Club Membership only $20, must be received by Tuesday, January 3, 2023 to be eligible for year end honors, achievement, competition awards and discounts on competition entry fees.  Any membership application received after 1/3/2023 will still be included in the automatic "ICEALERT!" email communication system but will NOT be eligible for any year end awards.

Like any organization, LRIBYC needs money to function at all levels:
- Maintain club website
- Promote iceboat sailing and increase new membership
- Establish and maintain yearly functions (swap meet, monthly meetings, etc.)
- Maintain the materials needed for yearly competitions and events
- Maintain "end of year" honor, achievement, and competition awards
- Maintain the safety equipment brought to each club sponsored event
- Support postal fees needed for club communications
- MOST IMPORTANT - funding for various projects selected by

If you are a returning member, please fill out the 1st page if there have been any changes to your membership info.

For NEW members, please fill out both sides of the attached document so that we can add your information to our list of members and place you on the automatic "ICEALERT!" email communication system. "ICEALERT!", will instantly provided you with the latest ice reports for
the upcoming season, weekend, or day, and will allow you to instantly communicate with all of our club members. 

Get your membership fee in by January 3, 2023.

Please create a check for $20 "Pay To The Order of" LRIBYC and send to:
          58 BELLECREST AVE.
          E. NORTHPORT, NY, 11731-1205

The club board members, with the approval of the club membership, shall at all times have the absolute right to suspend, for a definite or indefinite
amount of time, the membership privileges of any member whom the club membership finds has violated any rule, regulation or policy of the Club
or whose behavior is abusive or disruptive to the operation of the Club.

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