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Skimmer 45 looking for a new home
2 sets of runners
2 sails (one rough shape, one (fully-battened) used once or twice)
custom fitting for putting hound on a tall mast (windsurfer mast) to use with a larger high aspect ratio sail.  I borrowed one once, the owner refused to sell it to me, and it turned the Skimmer into a Turbo Skimmer.  I think a windsurfing sail could be adapted for it
Boat fits inside a Nissan Rogue--no need for a roof rack or trailer
Great for beginners, kids (they can sit on an adult's lap when they're not going by themselves) ,when the wind is really cranking and you don't want to break your DN, or when the ice is really rough.  The boat is virtually indestructible.
Sit upright and comfortable.
Can be assembled in a fraction of the time necessary to assemble a DN.
New price $2200 not including shipping from the Midwest.   I'll sell mine as described above for $600 and delivered somewhere between you and me (I'm near York, Pa).  Or drive a bit further  to me and get it for $500.
It's on a short clip of a video "iceboating Bush River Yacht Club  Jan. 2018" on  youtube.

Looks like a good deal!  
Looks like plenty of spares and configurations available to give you more
choices to sail in different conditions.
Eligible for the Bob Reeves Memorial Regatta.
Consider a Laser Practice Sail 4.7 sqm from Intensity Sails.
LS-45 standard sail is = 45  sqft Laser Practice Sail  = 50.6 sqft
which means a 12.5 % increase in horse power for those light air days
or for a tandem ride experience.

Here is the video segment from YouTube that you can watch.
Zero in on the time frame of :50 -2:30 minutes to view the LS45 in action.
(looks like sailing on really hard ice)


High Rig, Sailing/Racing Yankee Ice Boat- Ready to sail!

Dry stored since restoration completed in 2016.

Blue Boat/ white plank, mast, boom. Finished in Interlux blue with white 23’ high rig sitka mast. This boat features a shaped aerodynamic sitka spruce plank. Adjustable mast step. redundant steering for safety, Runners and all hardware restored or replaced. New stainless throughout. All hardware restored or replaced with new.  Custom boat cover. Comes with an older sail. Other sails available. Building and outfitting a new one would be well over $20K.

2021 Priced to sell:  $3,900.00

Bonus: I will cover a one year membership in the ISA or the club of your choice.
Inquire with Owner/Restorer Fred Greis - Yankee skipper.

Restoration photos available. Cell 516-313-7788 or fredg@wettechnologies.com
There are about two dozen Yankees in the northeast. Boat comes with set up, tuning, and sailing help from the seller and/or others actively helping to build the sport and preserve the class. Can deliver. Yankees are the Cadillacs of ice boats. They can be sailed and raced by a single skipper and carry a passenger for one of the most thrilling rides you’ll ever have!

Reason for selling: I sail and race my own Yankee. I purchased and restored this boat as a labor of love and to help build the fleet. Plus, boat is stored indoors, and I need the space.

Boat can be seen in Northford, CT.

Optional sail shown in photos- other sails available. (rev. 2021)