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Message from the Commodore:
As I write this on January 18th, Mother Nature so far has not cooperated in giving us any sailable ice. But the winter is still young. I encourage everyone to keep their boats and all associated equipment on the ready for when the Ice Alert horn blows it's favorable report. I cannot stress enough the importance on making sure when the ice comes that it's checked properly and thus safe for sailing. At the upcoming February 2nd meeting, club members will be voting to adapt the changes/additions that were proposed to the Bylaws at our last meeting. It is important for you to attend and have your voices heard., Recently I have been going through boxes of old club records given to me by the Rich Crucet, Warren Darress, and Larry Veprovsky families. One of the most interesting facts I discovered was that the club started holding their meetings at the Weeks Yacht Yard way back in January 1992. That makes 24 years of Weeks hospitality! The club can't say thank you enough to the Weeks family for all they have done for the club over these years. Hope too see many of you at our February 2nd meeting.


2015 LI DN Championships A great day was had by all at the 2015 LI DN Championships on Mecox Bay, Southampton, NY. Ten fiercely competitive
DN skippers took on the challenge of BIG ICE on Mecox Bay. Varying ice surfaces and the occasional wind shift made picking a winner a real test for those "experts".
The race committee of Ralph Hilbert and Tom Valentine were blessed with the help of special guests, Tom Halsey and Hanna Gray. Tom Valentine was "THE ULTIMATE" utility man starting, finishing, setting up, boat assistant, sail number caller,
verifier of boat finishing positions and gourmet lunch cook --- just kidding :).
He was the glue that held the committee together. Tom Halsey, the winner of numerous championships, was of great value to the team by relating past experiences
and sharing his wealth of racing knowledge. Hanna Gray took time out from her job as Marine Technician for Polar Trec in Antarctica. Hanna was a great help in
using her keen "ICE" eyes to call out the sail numbers of the DNs as they rocketed by the start/finish line. The beautiful weather with a decent breeze brought out some 20+ sailing craft of all sizes and shapes. DN, Skeeter, Gambit, Bat Wing, Home Made, and even a Lockely Skimmer made up the group of sailors that had a great time even beyond the setting sun. Some competitors continued their racing well after the
championship racing was in the books. 

John Ziermann DN-5426/Gambit/Treasurer

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It is With Great Sadness That Our Club Has To Report That Rich Crucet Has Passed Away.

Rich taught us all how to sail ,race, build, be safe and most of all enjoy our ice-boating friends. He shared his home, his shop, his camper and his experience was passed on to all. We must follow his tracks and use and share the knowledge 
he instilled in each and every one of us.  

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Lake Ronkonkoma Ice Boat and Yacht Club

Founded 1923

The Lake Ronkonkoma Ice Boat and Yacht Club was founded in 1923 on the premise of furthering the interest in the sport of ice boating.  Today we still stand by that noble cause with the vision of enjoying the sport to its fullest and inspire others regionally, nationally and internationally to partake in the fun and adventure that sailing on ice can bring.



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                        NEVER go out on the ice alone!      NEVER go out on the ice without ice picks!                     ALWAYS wear creepers!           ASK sailors where the hazards are!   
        THERE is always thin ice somewhere!
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