Want to know the Rules??

First Tuesday: January, February, March
NOT Weeks Yacht Yard
7:00 PM BS, Videos, Officers Reports, Business
snacks & refreshments,

Please create a check "Pay To The Order of" LRIBYC  for $15 and send to:
          58 BELLECREST AVE.
          E. NORTHPORT, NY, 11731-1205

Home Of The Lake Ronkonkoma Ice Boat And Yacht Club


We are doing virtual ZOOM meetings (SEE NEWS PAGE for Zoom ID) for all to attend and participate in so that we can plan future activities for our sport.  It will also be posted by "ICEALERT"

Besides the future virtual meetings, we do have an excellent communications vehicle in "ICEALERT" where all club members can keep in contact with each other, post ice reports, and list items for sale. 

We also have our website  (http://www.iceboatlongisland.com/)  which we are making a very concerted effort to keep up to date with all the latest club news.

   NEVER go out on the ice alone! -- NEVER go out on the ice without ice picks!

 ALWAYS wear creepers! -- ASK sailors where the hazards are!    
 THERE is always thin ice somewhere!

Lake Ronkonkoma Ice Boat and Yacht Club
Founded 1923

 The Lake Ronkonkoma Ice Boat and Yacht Club was founded in 1923 on the premise of furthering the interest in the sport of ice boating.  Today we still stand by that noble cause with the vision of enjoying the sport to its fullest and inspire others regionally, nationally and internationally to partake in the fun and adventure that sailing on ice can bring.